Writer. Educator. StorytelleR.


Photo: Stoop Storytelling

Photo: Stoop Storytelling


Currently an editorial do-gooder at a non-profit institution, doing good editorial things.


I've performed my poetry and stories in New York City, Austin, Dallas, Portland, and Baltimore. I've taught poetry, fiction, and rhetoric at the Johns Hopkins University, St. Edward's University in Austin, and elsewhere. The last time I stood on stage, I was staring at an audience of 700. That's a lot of people.


Educating individuals and communities about mental health and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness is vital. My work with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) "In Our Own Voices" series has led to speaking engagements at organizations and universities around Maryland. I used to run a podcast about mental health. It may come back someday.

Need to contact me regarding a story, speaking gig, mental health advocacy, or just to say hi? I use a secure email platform. You can reach me at kparr @ protonmail dot com